About Us


NuWay 4HAIR® decided to focus on quality over cost, and do the best job possible to create: The Only Brush You’ll Ever Need®. This year we will hit the milestone of a million brushes sold annually. We are now selling internationally throughout Europe, North America and Asia and have partnered for exclusive collaboration and sales in the U.K., Australia, and Japan–as well as other select market opportunities worldwide.

We have our own R&D team and have custom designed the bristle insertion technology used in the manufacture of our patented hair brushes. This allows us to manufacture better brushes, with many U.S. and International patents and many more patents currently pending. There are lots of exciting and innovative new designs coming soon!

Now that our DoubleC®, Traveler® and Vanity® have made a hit in the world market, we are now introducing new vented versions utilizing our exclusive U.S. and International Patented Curved Circular Venting Scheme. This year will be our first full year with our expanded range that includes our new scalp massaging "C Brush", "Junior C" and "TravelC" Brushes! And we are entering the Professional Salon channel with our new "DoubleC® Pro and Grande".

Any NuWay 4HAIR® Brush featuring BrainyBristles®, is a brush for all hair types! Tame and brush through any wet or dry, straight or curly hair, extensions, or even wigs. They can be used with hot-air hair dryers for easy styling. Our brushes are known for being comfortable enough to encourage daily brushing for healthier, more beautiful hair. And now with our newest brushes we have introduced NuWay's total solution for Scalp Care for Your Hair!

There “…have never been brushes…” like NuWay 4Hair®! We hope you’ll try one and agree: NuWay 4Hair® is Simply A Better Brush®!!!


  • Easily detangle all types of hair.
  • Made with Built-in Tourmaline Ionic Technology.
  • Made with Built-in Certified Heat Resistant to 180°C/356F, holds up to heat when styling.
  • Made with Built-in Reduced-Static Material.
  • Made with Built-in Specially Formulated Materials for Strength and Flexibility.
  • Double-dipped Bristle Tips gently massage your scalp. Stimulates hair follicles for healthier hair.
  • Works on wet or dry hair, straight or curly, extensions and wigs.