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Patented Hair Brush Junior C

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U.S. Patented Detangler Hair Brush for Men, Women & Kids | Hair Comb for Scalp Care - Fast Dry Venting Scheme - Special Formulated Bristles

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Color – Pink

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    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
    Patented Hair Brush Junior C
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    Scalp Care Detangling Brush

    International patented Ergonomic C Shape fits and massages your scalp, bringing you healthy shiny hair COMPACT SIZE SUITABLE FOR SMALL HANDS AND CHILDREN The exclusive BrainyBristles won't snag or pull hair, works on wet or dry hair, straight or curly. Effortlessly detangles all types of hair.

    Patented Junior C Brush

    • International Patented Ergonomic Shape-The shape fits your head and massages your scalp.
    • International Patented Circular Venting Scheme- Save drying time and protect the hair from heat-damaging blow dryers.
    • Non-Slip TPR Handle- Ergonomic handle shape is easy to grab and the non-slip TPR grip design allows you to easily brush your hair during a shower.


    • Tips Infused With Argan Oil- Helps maintain soft and shiny hair.
    • Double-Dipped Bristle Tips-Stimulates hair follicles for healthier hair.
    • Specially Formulated Built-in Protection
    • Reduced Static- Reduces static electricity in the hair when brushing.
    • Built-in Tourmaline Ionic Technology- Produces negative ions and closes the cuticle layer.
    • BriainyBristles are SGS Test Labs certified to withstand temperatures of up to 356 degrees F. with Built-in static reduction (ALWAYS USE THE DIFFUSER ON YOUR DRYER!)

    Tangled Wet Hair

    Gently brushes out tangled wet hair.

    Frizzy Dry Hair

    Stlyes hair without breakage or pulling.

    Reduced Static

    Electrostatic reduction helps protect hair from being frizzy.

    Scalp Care

    International Patented Ergonomic C Shape - The shape perfectly meets the contour of the scalp, massages your scalp with each stroke, promote blood circulation. Brings you healthy hair.

    Apply Products

    The perfect shape to carry hair product.

    Fast Dry for Blow Dry

    International Patented Circular Venting Scheme - Save drying time and protect the hair from heat-damaging blow dryers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    It's super duper soft my daughter just loved it she brush her hairs all by herself 😊

    Love the built

    it's smoothness does not break hair. Quality is Very good.

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    Product Quality & Genuinity

    Why should I choose NuWay 4Hair, and how does it differ from other brands?

    All NuWay 4Hair® brushes are equipped with our exclusive BrainyBristles®, designed to detangle hair effortlessly, whether wet or dry, without pulling. These bristles are certified safe for use up to 356℉ and feature built-in static reduction.

    Our Scalp Care Series brushes boast an internationally patented Ergonomic C Shape that fits perfectly to your scalp and massages it, promoting healthy, shiny hair. And the international patent for its Circular Venting Scheme, which helps save drying time and protects your hair from the heat damage caused by blow dryers.

    Moreover, our DoubleC® Series is distinguished by its internationally patented double curve shape, enhancing depth and volume to your hair during drying. Experience the revolution in hair care with NuWay 4Hair®.

    What is BrainyBristles®?

    BrainyBristles® are heat-resistant to over 350 degrees Fahrenheit, making them an ideal addition to your styling arsenal. You can blow-dry and apply heat without the worry of melting or warping the bristles. The tips are infused with Argan Oil to help keep your hair soft and shiny. With specially formulated built-in protection, these brushes also reduce static electricity in your hair when brushing. Moreover, the built-in Tourmaline Ionic Technology emits negative ions and seals the cuticle layer, enhancing the overall health and appearance of your hair.

    In addition to the features mentioned above, the reason why they are called BrainyBristles® is because their flexibility adapts to the level of hair curl and tangling. When encountering tangled hair, they can flexibly reduce the pulling force, and when dealing with straight hair, they maintain the right amount of strength to detangle. It's a smart brush!

    What type of brush should I use on my hair?

    All NuWay 4Hair® brushes are suitable for all hair types.

    Can I use the brushes with a hairdryer or heat?

    Absolutely, BrainyBristles® are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 356°F, so you can use them confidently while blow-drying with heat. However, always use a diffuser attachment on your dryer for the best results.

    Can I use the brushes on wet hair?

    The lifespan of our hair brushes varies depending on usage. For optimal results, each person should have their own brush and use it twice daily. With this care, a brush should last at least 18 months or more. To extend its life, we recommend individual brushes for each household member and monthly cleaning with shampoo or dishwashing liquid in cold water.

    How is the travel brush different?

    Both the Traveler® and TravelC® brushes feature an internationally patented unique travel case. This case protects the bristles and makes the brushes convenient for travel!